Sketch Mountain

Collective names: Cyan / Neon
Collective pronouns: They/Them and Neo/Neons
Hey there! We're the Sketch Mountain system, though we also don't mind you calling us as Mountain system. We're a mixed origins system with heavy amnesia, and our member count usually wavers around the 30 - 40s.Our biggest interests mainly revolves around animation and storytelling, though there are exceptions to this rule. You can refer to us as "You all" or "They" collectively.Owned accounts: Cyaneon#9287, LittleSlugcats#4733 (Alt)Not sure what a system is? Check here!

Other Important Info

Sysmeds DO NOT interact.
Descriptions ad custom statuses are made by Whiteout, Jolyn and Gwen
Background made by zandraart

Commision Info 』⋄『 System 』


The hosts of our system! They wield the brush and have the most control over what happens outside system, but half the time they need a break except me- OH NO YOU DON'T JOLMost of them have a decent amount of working knowledge when it comes to speaking chinese.

Sunny / Jolyn
Most used: She/Her, They them and Ae/Aer

- Full pronoun list
(Also known as Sun, Sunbeam, Jol, and Meilin)
Main fronter of this system, is usually around when she can be! She's usually the one you'll meet the most as she loves talking to others, making friends, and just talking about anything in general. Her biggest interests are animation and storytelling.She also takes commisions! You can find those here.


Another common fronter in the system! She usually takes over when Sunny needs a break or doesn't feel like fronting, though trust me, she also needs a break. Often fronts with Pizza so that she'll have company. Loves painting but often doesn't have the motivation for it.

He/Him or It/Its

Note: He's not actually blind, it's just hard to find art of him that isntThe brains of the hosts, he's usually around if need be when it comes to academics and studying, otherwise, he won't front often. Loves anything Science and History related!

He/Him or It/Its

Luca Paguro! Your friendly neighborhood sea monster! Not much introduction needed, his profile picture already tells you a lot, but one of his biggest interests is in astronomy, and one of the hosts that actually fronts even when Jolyn is around!

She/Her or Paw/Paws

🎵 We may not have starlight, or sunshine or weather, but we've got each other. And that's even better! 🎵Kipo! Another science nerd and astronomy fan of the group! She often tries to see the best in people regardless of the situation. She's also pretty good at singing!

(Note: This does not include everyone, some of them would like to keep their information private. Alsoo if it did we'll run out of elements)Background made by zandraart

Secondary Fronters

These people don't have as much impact as the hosts do outside the system, but they're usually around. Most of them have secondary jobs that help/protect the system.

Wolf / Hunter
She/Her or They/Them

(Formally known as Badlyn)
One of the first members of the system, Hunter is Jolyn's in-system twin sister, and her personal protector. Don't mess with her. Usually talks in bold.
(Though don't let her outer look fool you, she may act tough on the outside, but she's actually really sweet on the inside)


Current gatekeeper of the system, Simon serves as both a secondary fronter and one of the most important members of the system. Absolutely hates cats, keep those away from him.In a relationship with Grace

Most preferred: Whi/Whit, Ze/Zer

- Full pronoun list
(Also known as Sisu though that name isn't used often)
Main caretaker of the system, whi is another one of our people who loves talking to others! Usually around to cheer people up if Sunny isn't around. Whi also has synesthesia!

He/Him and They/Them

Musican of the group! Loves talking to others about his interests and sharing those with the same as like an experienced player in the game of the world. Often comes around during the weekends.

He/Him or It/Its

Note: He's a little, so please be careful what you say and/or teach him, though don't be afraid to talk around him either, he's pretty smart!Peacemaker! He usually fronts when Sunny is around, and likes to chime in to conversations from time to time. Just, be careful when and what you talk to him, he's not exactly the only person around...

Pepper / Pizza
He/Him or They/Them

Meet your local neighborhood wielder! Pizza is always around to make people happier with their colourful colours as well as their cheerful personality. Often fronts with Chicory


Guardian/Protector of the system, and very good at their job! He makes horrible jokes and talks to people. That's his talent he said that not meUsually around when Thorn's around!

Most used: He/Him, It/Its

- Full pronoun list
Another caretaker of the system, Rock is the living embodiment of wisdom comes with age. He unfortunately has lost an eye, a hand, and his tail due to a cave fire but he's still striving!

(Note: This does not include everyone, some of them would like to keep their information private. Alsoo if it did we'll run out of elements)Background made by zandraart

🎵 When you wake, you're bargaining for the promise to come back 🎵
- Something Comforting by Porter Robinson
Like everyone else, we don't always have the best days, or are just depressed for some reason, and aren't always able to take what people want from us. When we are, our global profile picture will be this picture (normal if we don't have nitro).

People who can interact with us regardless of the type of conversation (when we have it):🎙Seasaw🌊#8737, FranNotFlan#1247, Bella | Nightshade 🍒, Jackdaw#0449
A very Co Official🍄#8697 and Bellkeeper#7248
(- We treasure you all a bunch, thank you for being/having been in our lives <3)

The others, scram! No I'm just kidding, but there are some things to take note:

  • Do NOT vent DM to us when we have it, expect an earhole if you do, it is extremely frustrating to deal with (unless we're already talking to you).

  • You MAY ask us what's going on, however, depending on the severity, we might omit details/not tell you the full story etc. or not tell at all. This is not because of you, this is because we do not trust you. Please don't take offense to this.

  • We're always willing to entertain casual conversations, regardless of how serious. (as long as it doesn't push our triggers)

  • This only applies to DMs, in-server talk is fine.

Background made by zandraart

Special Interests

While most of these are primarily Jolyn's special interests, some are shared collectively, and a few others are specific to only one systemate

Cartoons 🖥️
• Steven Universe
• Gravity Falls
• The Owl House
• Ducktales 2017
• Infinity Train
• Primal
• The Ghost and Molly McGee

Note that we like a lot of shows, these are just the ones that had a huge impact or stay predominantly in our minds
Movies 🎬
• Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse
• How To Train Your Dragon (all movies and series)
• Zootopia
• Ratatouille
• Kimi No Na Wa
• Spirited Away
• Wolfwalkers
• Turning Red
• Luca
• The Bad Guys
Games 🎮
• Celeste (Vanilla and Into The Jungle)
• Hollow Knight
• Chicory
• Rain World
• Baba Is You
• Kingdom: 2 Crowns
• The End Is Nigh
Books 📚
• Any book series by Erin Hunter (Survivors, Seekers, Warriors etc.)
• Wings Of Fire
Science 🌿
• Biology
• Science Fiction
• Astronomy
YouTubers 💬
• Jaiden Animations
• ilymations
• The AmaAzing
• Skurry
• Animators Vs Games
• Drawfee
• PlayFrame (Carrie and Dan are amazing)
Music 🎧
• Porter Robinson
• Louie Zong
• Aivi and Surasshu
• The Midnight
• Indie (genre)
• EDM (genre)
Note that we like a lot of different types of music, these are just the ones that stay predominantly in our mind/go back to listen to a lot
Other ♦️
• Needle-felting
• Rhythm Gymnastics
• HTML and CSS (code, thanks Wolfusimagius)
These are interests that we can talk on for hours. You have been warnedBackground made by zandraart